PBS, NET and Painted Rock Productions launch school learning guide for General John “Black Jack” Pershing

This is a photo of the student learning guide that features interesting tips and background on WWI General John J Pershing. The learning guide was produced by Painted Rock Productions, NET Nebraska and PBS.

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the World War I armistice. A new online multimedia learning guide for “Black Jack Pershing: Love and War” is available for school grades 9-13.

The learning guide is produced by Painted Rock Productions, NET, Nebraska’s PBS and NPR station, and PBS Learning Media.

“The learning guide is a great way, through old films, photographs, voice recordings, and more to learn more about General John J. Pershing and America’s historic role in World War I,” said Barney McCoy, producer of the award-winning documentary “Black Jack Pershing: Love and War.”

The educational website features several multimedia sections that chronicle Pershing’s life-  from his youthful days in post-Civil War Missouri to his command of African American soldiers in the Spanish-American War and ultimately as commander of the American Expeditionary Forces.

Under Pershing’s command of  U.S. troops, America helped turn the Allied battle tide against Germany and helped force an end to WWI in November 1918.

Pershing little girl2
General John J. Pershing visits with a young French girl in France during World War I. Years earlier, Pershing’s three daughters and wife died in a fire at the Presidio in California while Pershing led U.S. troops patrolling Texas’ border with Mexico after reports that revolutionary General Pancho Villa might invade the U.S.  Photo: National Archives and Records Administration

The American soldiers, nicknamed “Doughboys” are credited with helping win the Great War and were welcomed home as true heroes. Pershing was promoted to the rank of six-star general. Many historians consider him one of the American architects of the modern army, with its ability to cross oceans and represent a truly global power.

Pershing never forgot the soldiers who fought and died under him. In the decades after the Great War, he helped create and dedicate several monuments and burial grounds in Europe to honor the tens of thousands of American soldiers who fought and died in combat. To learn more about Pershing and World War I click on this link.  



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